A Loving Tribute to
Gerald Nissenbaum, M.D.


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Family Man

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Lake Placid

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Lake Placid - II

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Camp Chipinaw - 1957

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2000 Liberty Award

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Wedding Picture


Recent Family Photo

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Literary Quotations

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The Ambrose

       Dr. Nissenbaum was a dedicated family man. He passed away just a week prior to the forty fifth anniversary of his wedding to his wife, Sylvia. Dr. Nissenbaum was a playful and engaging father for his three sons and three grandsons. He was tireless in his efforts to mentor them and ensure that they received the best of everything. This lifelong student of science and medicine taught his children and grandchildren the value of ceaseless learning, both in school and in their leisure activities. He inculcated in them an imperative to act honorably and morally toward others, something he strove to do his entire life.


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