A Loving Tribute to
Gerald Nissenbaum, M.D.


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Visiting Israel

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           Dr. Nissenbaum was raised as an Orthodox Jew and continued his extensive religious education through Yeshiva University. This culminated in his being certified by that institution as qualified to be a Hebrew School Principal (See below).  He had a lifelong devotion to his religion and to the State of Israel. During the War of Independence in the late 1940’s, he worked secretly to assist the Irgun (which was later incorporated into the Mossad, the modern Israeli Intelligence service). The story of his involvement is recounted in the Eulogy located elsewhere on this web site.

            In 1972, he  was awarded the Bernard Revel Award in Arts and Sciences by Yeshiva University “for alumni who have achieved recognition in arts and science, in community leadership, and in religion and religious education.” (See Awards). He was a Vice President of the Yeshiva of Hudson County and ceaselessly donated his time and effort to assist the Yeshiva (K-12) and his synagogue. Finally, he was a passionate amateur archeologist and was fascinated with the digs in the Holy Land.  Dr. Nissenbaum would collect works of literature on the subject and expound on the latest discoveries at the family’s annual Passover Seders. 


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