A Loving Tribute to
Gerald Nissenbaum, M.D.


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Practice makes perfect

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Surfboard Rescue

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Red Cross Certification



           The more expansive the mind, the more compelling the need for play. Dr. Nissenbaum was an avid outdoorsman. His interests ranged widely; he was an expert marksman, fisherman and woodsman. He especially had a lifelong love of aquatics, having run large overnight camp waterfronts in his youth. These pictures include shots from a vacation in the late 1980’s in which Dr. Nissenbaum sought to add windsurfing to his repertoire.

         He was also one of the few remaining individuals certified to teach the lost art of Red Cross surfboard lifesaving. The two black and white photographs of him on the surfboard involve a demonstration of double bladed paddle techniques and canoe over surfboard rescue, respectively. The patches are the Red Cross certifications worn on his bathing suit while in charge of camp waterfronts.


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