A Loving Tribute to
Gerald Nissenbaum, M.D.


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Training Residents

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Dr. Nissenbaum's JCMC Contest

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Note to Dr. Greenberg and Family

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Assigning Spaces in the JCMC Parking Lot

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JCMC residents tribute

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Zipper Invention

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Zipper Invention (See accompanying letter from Physician's Management magazine)

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JCMC Tribute

Nissenbaum’s Observations
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Doctors to Nurses

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Nurses to Doctors

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Murphy's Law

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Dr. Nissenbaum's Remarks to the Graduates of the JCMC Resident Physician Program - 6-21-96 JCMC History


One of Dr. Nissenbaum's most compelling attributes was his playfulness. Set forth below are his handwritten recollections of some of the many engaging encounters that he had with patients and colleagues at the Jersey City Medical Center. We have also included poetry excerpts that he kept on the wall of his office study.

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        Dr. Nissenbaum was a dedicated physician of the old school who still maintained that the practice of medicine was still an honorable calling. He was exceedingly charitable in his medical practice, volunteering to provide care to the indigent both through the Jersey City Medical Center Ward Service and his private practice.  By the time he retired, the American Medical Association informed him that he had accumulated the greatest number of hours of indigent care of any physician in their national data bank. In addition, he was an innovative and insightful physician who maintained the highest standards of excellence and demanded the same of his colleagues, students and staff. He was particularly fond of the resident physicians who trained under him. He would spend many hours mentoring them with wisdom and compassion in the practicalities of modern medical practice.


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