A Loving Tribute to
Gerald Nissenbaum, M.D.


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Submissions from Friends

Listed Post(s): 8

FROM: Cindy Simpson
DATE: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 9:40 PM
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man!

- Cindy, friend of Dr. Nissenbaum's son and daughter-in-law, Rob & Andrea.


FROM: Michael Luna
DATE: Saturday, October 05, 2002
To my older but well remembered friends, the Nissenbaum Family:

     I wanted to take a moment to express my compliments to all of you on such a wonderful web-site that you have created in memory of Dr. Gerald. When I heard the news of his passing from my mother, I wanted to be in touch with all of you to offer my condolences.

     It's been a number of years since I've seen or spoken with all of you, but friendships and memories will always last a lifetime. My fondest memory of Dr. Gerald would have to be the times he invited me to your summer home at the lake house, during my childhood friendship with Robert. I remember my first fishing outing on a row boat, and the excitement of seeing a first fish caught from a fresh water lake. (Needless to say, it was a sunfish that was too small to keep, and I remember Dr. Gerry telling us we need to put it back in the water)

     I do hope all of you have remained well over the years, and I think this web-site is a great idea because I am now able to connect with old friends again after sometime. Although my current residence is at somewhat of a distance now in Burbank, California, I do hope we will have the opportunity to connect a bit more often from time to time. Once again, my deepest sympathy to the entire family, and please be assured of my warmest thoughts of all of you at this time.

Michael Luna


FROM: Peggy & Vic Luna & Family
DATE: Friday, October 18, 2002 11:57 AM
Dear Sylvia and Family,

Words are so difficult at a time like this since when a family has experienced such a deep loss expression becomes so deep, one loses it. Vic and I have many memories of Jerry when we were all a " family" on Gifford Avenue.

One of the fondest memories I had were the times I was filled with unanswered questions about the validation of archaeological findings related to the Bible. I remember Jerry would answer them without hesitation and when he would hesitate he would just exhibit a momentary stare as though he was retrieving the answer from a memory deeper than something he had read from one of his journals. I felt that maybe he was almost experiencing that moment personally just to answer my queries. I don't ever recall him saying: "I don't know". Once Gary said: " that's interesting Peggy, you are trying to intellectualize your faith".

It was an honor to have had the opportunity to speak with this educated and caring human being. He made the time for questions to be answered and would make me feel that being an eternal student was something to be proud of. I have not forgotten those sessions and probably never will.

This tribute includes you too Sylvia. You were his wife, mother of his children, friend and companion. You nurtured Jerry in so many ways and it was because of your love a beautiful family was created and recreated over time to the extended family you have and love today!

                  May God Bless You All
                  Peggy & Vic Luna & Family


FROM: Steve Hartenstein
DATE: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 3:02 PM
As a friend of his son, Gary, I came to know Dr. Nissenbaum when he wanted to computerize the Resident's Research Library at JCMC. Gary suggested that I call him since I was in the computer business and he need help in understanding how these systems worked. It was early days for searchable on-line databases and even data networks but Dr. Nissenbaum wanted it all. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable and he wanted nothing less than the best for 'his doctors'. Each should know the scope of knowledge - and ignorance - that existed regarding topics that were too easily taken for granted. He was a huge believer in advancement of science and the need for every person to keep pace.

Keeping pace with him was not easy. He seemed tireless. Over the years, the challenges grew greater - both physical and professional. I remember how early on he observed that managed care would come to be recognized as an oxymoron. "The more it gets managed, the more time I spend figuring out how it is supposed to work and the less I get done," he observed. And he wanted to know how everything worked! How else can one make the necessary suggestions on required improvements...

One only need know Dr. Nissenbaum to understand the inquiring mind that he passed on to his children. It is already clearly evident in his grandchildren.

He was not a man to worry about legacy, convention or unyielding institutions. It is only fitting that the irony of his life would be that he would have a lasting impact on all those that he touched. "So it wasn't presented in the fanciest manner. That doesn't make it a bad idea, does it? They'll see."

I think we did.


FROM: Tanya Poole
DATE: Thursday, January 23, 2003 12:10 AM
I am writing to express my condolences for Dr.Gerald Nissenbaum. He was a great caring man and family doctor to my grandmother Lib Poolshup for many years. We live just across the street from Dr. Nissenbaum on Gifford Avenue. We will never forget his professionalism and his gentle care of our grandmother. Please accept our condolences.

With Love and Care to the Nissenbaum Family,
The Poolshup Family


FROM: G. Tanu
DATE: Monday, March 24, 2003
I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the work of Dr. Nissenbaum. I became aware of it because of the incredible care given to me by his son, Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum. I have told Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum that because of him, I have my life back, but he has humbly pointed the honor in his father's direction. All I can say is that for over 25 years prior to having met Dr. E. Nissenbaum, I had a very, very difficult time. Now, my husband and I can return to my husband's homeland and live worry-free because of the confidence I have in the incredible results of the good doctor's care. I apologize for a belated expression of sympathy, but I can only imagine how much Dr. G. Nissenbaum is missed. I know how much Dr. E. Nissenbaum will be missed. I have seen dramatic results in the lives of people who have been touched by Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum's care. I think the word is Shalom.
G. Tanu


FROM: Linda Fish
DATE: Friday, April 04, 2003 10:46 AM
Hi Gary

I finally got around to opening the wonderful web site on your dad.
Ira and I were so sorry to hear of his death. I had not seen him in  many years and luckily, last summer, when I stopped up at the lake, I  was greeted by him, as always with warmth and joy. I had no idea he  was so ill and he didn't let on. He was riding around on his golf  cart, enjoying the day and loving the fact that you were all there. He  was such an integral part of JeffLake and the waterfront will
certainly never be the same without him. I think Ira will hear his
admonitions about safety from Heaven and I hope he heeds them! The lake gave him so much joy and pleasure. You never knew my father in law , but the house that your parents bought was his and my mother in law's favorite place. My father in law was not unlike your Dad in that he was a deeply religious and spiritual man in the best sense of the word. You and your mom were blessed to have had him and we were blessed by his presence and friendship. Much love to you all, belatedly from Ira and



FROM: Wendy Lerman
DATE: Thursday, June 05, 2003 9:59 PM
Gary - I want to express my sympathy to you and your family on the death of your father. I happened to come upon the website set up for him online. It sounds like he was a remarkable person in may ways.

Wendy (Schwimmer) Lerman


FROM: Gale Tanu
DATE: Thursday, January 27, 2005 3:33 PM
I am sorry to bother you....I was wondering if you would be so kind as to pass a message on to the man who saved my life--Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum. Though this may be an unusual request, I would also like to use this opportunity as a tribute to the late Dr. Gerald Nissenbaum, as Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum has made so many references to the wealth of knowledge he acquired from his late father. I am most grateful for this...as is my husband.

The gift of life is precious. To many of us don't seem to appreciate that until the time comes when we are faced with challenges in our health. After having known Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum, being a patient of his, I have come to respect that gift of life ever so much more...My husband and I are indebted to him, and will never forget his care. I have written once before, but ask your forgiveness for my taking the liberty (presumptuousness?) of expressing it again...would it sound strange or be misconstrued if I was to say, "My heart beats because of you..."? Please don't take this the wrong way....My husband thoroughly supports me in that statement.

On occasion, I have a few setbacks, but Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum taught me how to "take care of it." Thank you Dr. Nissenbaum. My husband Nat, and I, wish all the best to you, Mrs. Nissenbaum, and your son. Wherever you are, we know that you will do well...and good towards others. We are sincerely of great hope that you have made it to your final destination...Oh how we envy you that, if you have!!! May you have a happy, peaceful, and successful life there....as well as your family.

Gale Tanu


FROM: Marie Peklo
DATE: Tuesday, November 8, 2005 1:43 PM
My name is Marie Peklo. I am writing to simply say this..One of Mr. Gerald Nissenbaum's attributes should include that of raising a wonderful son by the name of Eliot...

Having been ill for several years I become worse continually .I demanded a new doctor be brought into my medical situation...At that time God brought into the issue Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum...Within just a day or two he not only had my condition diagnosed and treatment started but he also saved my life by doing so long story short...I would not have lived another six months I later learned had he not entered the scene....Due to his wonderful knowledge, capabliities and his more than wonderful personality as a human being when he relocated to Branson,Mo I and my family also relocated there...My husband stating that no other Doctor will ever treat me other than Dr. Eliot Nissenbaum...

So my wonderful sentiments to the man whom raised such a wonderful son whom seems to from what I read have followed well in his father's footsteps...My blessings to the entire family.....

Sincerely, Mrs. Marie Peklo



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